Dojo Opening

On the 21st January 2006 the Matsuri School for Karate Excellence opened their Hombu Dojo. Some of the guests included: Ron Holt Hanshi 9th Dan, Malcolm Holmes Shihan 7th Dan, Paul Wheel European Muay Thai Champion, Mark Adams Sensei 4th Dan Et Pauline Holmes Sensei 3rd Dan.

Holt Hanshi conducted a traditional opening ceremony and presented Finch Shihan with a Bokken (wooden sword) for Matsuri's Kamiza.

Finch Shihan was also presented a pair of boxing gloves from Paul Wheel, specially signed by Enzo Maccarinelli. Malcolm Holmes Shihan presented the dojo with a beautiful hand carved stone scroll. The following day students celebrated the opening with training session taught Paul Wheel and Andy Evans. and Andy Evans.

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