EST. 1992


We have been teaching traditional Karate since 1992 and we pride ourselves in having a truly in depth knowledge of both the martial arts and modern teaching methods. The teachers at the school are fully qualified and all of our black belts are registered with the Okinawa Karatedo Shorinryu Ryukyukan Karate Kobudo Federation, Okinawa, Japan. We are committed to helping you reach black belt excellence, we will do everything in our power to assist and encourage you if you too are committed to this goal. 


From years of experience we know that the best way to get someone to black belt status is to build up a series of attainable short-term goals. These are the various belt promotions or gradings you will take on your journey towards your black belt.


Although the gap between a beginner and black belt can feel immense, the jump to your first belt (yellow) is a realistic goal of around 12 weeks. By constantly setting and reaching these smaller goals we develop as martial artists and as human beings.


The style of karate that we practice is Shorinryu, which is a traditional style from Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate. Students are taught the self protection skills of Karate in an atmosphere of mutual respect, discipline, and etiquette.


In January 2006 we opened our first fulltime dojo with classes 7 days a week. Dojo means ‘training hall’ or ‘place of the way’. Having a dedicated Dojo means that we can hold classes in an environment tailored to help you achieve your best.


The Matsuri School continues to grow, mainly through the recommendation of our members. We have seen many of our students progress from child to adult, from beginner to teacher and in some cases an entire family to black belt.

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